May 23, 2014

Invevo TV


G.N.C unveils its new offer to appeal to a much more broader audience with his brand new service Invevo TV.

Invevo TV has gowned to become "THE undisputable force" in the Ethnic TV market by integrating one of The best African TV bouquet "My African Pack", along with "My Luso Pack", My African Pack East Africa, and "My Naija Pack".

My African Pack

My African Pack is made of 40 African channels predominantly from French speaking African TV channels. My African Pack promotes the best of African culture and Entertaiment.

My Luso Pack

My Luso Pack is made of 9 Portuguese channels from Angola to Cabo Verde – from Equatorial Guinee to Brazil and Portugal. My Luso Pack is the first Portuguese bouquet available in the USA and Canada.

My African Pack East Africa

My African Pack East Africa is made of 25 channels from Ethiopia to Kenya – from Sudan to Djibouti – from Eritrea to Somalia and South Sudan.

My Naija Pack

My Naija Pack is made of 9 English speaking African TV channels from Nigeria.
My Naija Pack showcases the best of Nigerian entertainment.